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Introducing real-time functionality, additional controls, and smarter processing to give you an even better starting point for your vocals or master.

Articles for you relating to vocal production

5-Step Tutorial for Getting Rich Vocal Harmonies on Your Tracks

Vocal presets we think you will like

Computer Magic

Ethereal textures and vocal manipulation.

Vocal Clean-up and Presence

Solve common home recording problems.

Hip-Hop, Metal, and EDM

MIDI and AUTO mode for metal, hip-hop, and EDM.

Lead Vocal Hype

Give your lead vocals some lift and attitude.

Jonny Hawkins

Powerful vocal textures and effects.

Find Your Sound

Subtle utility-like stereo widening to more wild creative effects.

Videos to get started with VocalSynth and Nectar

Using assistants in Nectar Pro

Getting Started with Nectar Pro

What's new in VocalSynth?

Courses based on your preferences

Vocal Production with Berklee Online®

Taught by GRAMMY®-winning producer and engineer, Prince Charles Alexander, theser four vocal production lessons from Berklee Online will guide you through the essential concepts and methods to master the craft of vocal production.

Reid Stefan vocal production course

Reid Stefan shares his mix template, vocal chains, renowned vocalist Karra's recording workflow, and special effect chains to transform raw recordings into professional productions.

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