Music Production Suite 4 Music Production Suite Pro
Free updates and enhancements
Free major version upgrades
One low annual price
One low monthly price
Priority Customer Care
Exclusive content and tutorials
Berklee Online® vocal production lessons
Reid Stefan vocal production course
Exclusive presets for Nectar & VocalSynth
Groove3 All-Access Pass*
Royalty-free sample packs
Tonal Balance Control plug-in
Insight plug-in
Visual Mixer plug-in
Melodyne essential plug-in
Neoverb Pro plug-in
VocalSynth Pro plug-in
Stutter Edit 2 plug-in
R4 by Exponential Audio plug-in
Nimbus by Exponential Audio plug-in
Relay plug-in
Ozone Spectral Shaper plug-in
Ozone Imager plug-in
Ozone Vintage Tape plug-in
Ozone Dynamic EQ plug-in
Ozone Equalizer plug-in
Ozone Dynamics plug-in
Ozone Low End Focus plug-in
Ozone Vintage Limiter plug-in
Ozone Match EQ plug-in
Ozone Master Rebalance plug-in
Ozone Vintage Compressor plug-in
Ozone Vintage EQ plug-in
Ozone mothership plug-in
Ozone Exciter plug-in
Ozone Maximizer plug-in
Ozone stand-alone app Coming Soon!
Ozone Pro EQ Scaling
Neutron Exciter plug-in
Neutron Pro Compressor plug-in
Neutron Transient Shaper plug-in
Neutron EQ plug-in
Neutron Sculptor plug-in
Neutron Gate plug-in
Neutron mothership plug-in
RX Audio Editor standalone app
RX De-plosive plug-in
RX Breath Control plug-in
RX Voice De-noise plug-in
RX De-ess plug-in
RX De-hum plug-in
RX Spectral De-noise plug-in
RX Music Rebalance Plug-in (Logic and Pro Tools only)
RX Guitar De-noise plug-in
RX Mouth De-click plug-in
RX De-reverb plug-in
RX De-crackle plug-in
RX De-clip plug-in
RX De-click plug-in
Nectar mothership
Melodyne essential

* Available in yearly membership only.

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