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Why Upgrade to Music Production Suite 3

by Brian Moyer, Content Marketing Specialist, iZotope January 13, 2020

30+ tools to mix, master, analyze, & repair audio:

Music Production Suite 4

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Music Production Suite has always offered an array of innovative and inspiring tools for crafting high-quality music in any genre. In recent years, Inter-plugin Communication transformed Music Production Suite from a collection of individual plug-ins into a completely integrated audio production ecosystem, so you can work with greater speed, creativity, and purpose. 

With the release of version 3, we’ve added powerful new assistive audio and machine learning technology and effects that will propel your projects to even greater heights—no matter what version of Music Production Suite you’re coming from. Plus, every Music Production Suite 3 license includes a free one-year membership to Groove3, an audio software tutorial service that shares our passion for educating and inspiring music creators of all experience levels.

Read on to explore the products and features added to each version of Music Production Suite, and learn how upgrading to the latest and greatest can optimize your audio production workflow. 

Use the links below to jump to your version of Music Production Suite and see what Music Production Suite 3 has to offer you.

Which version of Music Production Suite do you own?

What’s new since Music Production Suite 2?

Music Production Suite 3 has received some dramatic upgrades in version 3, even since versions as recent as 2 and 2.1. With the introduction of Ozone 9 Advanced and Neutron 3 Advanced—accompanied by all-new, redesigned Tonal Balance Control and Visual Mixer plug-ins—a duo of powerhouse stereo reverbs from Exponential Audio, and a more unified interconnected workflow than ever before, Music Production Suite 3 offers compelling new mixing, mastering, and reverb tech to perfectly compliment your other iZotope plug-ins.

Ozone 9 UI

Ozone 9: The future of mastering

Version 9 combines Ozone’s industry-leading (and now better-than-ever) audio quality with intelligent new assistive technology for a more intuitive mastering experience than ever. Tweak the vocal, drum, and bass levels of a stereo mix with the intelligent machine learning tool Master Rebalance, add instant punch or smoothness to your mix’s bass content with Low End Focus, and add the perfect finish to your production with improved Imager and Equalizer modules, now with even more fluid meter response.

Improved Tonal Balance Control Inter-plugin Communication capability

Inter-plugin Communication

One of the most compelling aspects of Music Production Suite 3 is the integration of your mixing and mastering tools through Inter-plugin Communication, unifying your individual products as a singular tool for creativity. 

Tonal Balance Control 2

Music Production Suite 3 includes the improved Tonal Balance Control: a spectral visualizer that lets you compare the frequency curve of your mix to that of genre-specific Target Curves or reference tracks of your choosing. 

Additionally, Tonal Balance Control now allows you to view and edit the gain and EQ of any Ozone, Neutron, Nectar, or Relay plug-in in your session. This means that when you’re mastering your next music project, you can use Tonal Balance Control to make quick edits to individual tracks without interrupting your workflow, ensuring that you end up with a professional final mix.

Learn more about Ozone 9 and Tonal Balance Control

Mix Assistant in Neutron 3

Neutron 3: The modern way to mix

Before turning to Ozone 9 to optimize the loudness of your production for digital streaming or physical delivery, you need to make sure your mix is polished and perfectly balanced—that’s where Neutron 3 comes in. 

Intelligent machine learning tool: Mix Assistant

In version 3, Neutron’s acclaimed Track Assistant evolves into Mix Assistant, with the ability to suggest levels for individual musical elements in your mix based on your chosen focus. Mix Assistant’s Balance function uses Inter-plugin Communication to recognize and attenuate any instances of Neutron, Nectar 3, VocalSynth 2, or Relay in your session, allowing you to arrive at a healthy starting mix in no time. 


Once you’ve set your primary mix levels, the new Sculptor spectral shaping module offers boundless creative potential by applying Instrument Profiles to your tracks. Whether you’re adding characteristic warmth or shimmer to your acoustic guitar track or applying the acoustic guitar profile to a completely different track, Sculptor offers the perfect combination of inspiration and efficiency.

Visual Mixer

Visual Mixer

Mix Assistant isn’t the only mixing workflow included in Neutron 3. First introduced in with Neutron 2, Visual Mixer provides a grab-and-drag virtual mixing environment that automatically appears with any Neutron, Nectar 3, VocalSynth 2, or Relay plug-ins used in your session, giving you instant visual feedback on your mixing decisions. 

Visual Mixer lets you arrange your instruments in a visual space: Drag the vocal node to the middle of the axis for a perfectly centered performance, move the lead guitar node up to give your solo a gain boost, or use the left and right handles on your synth node to widen or narrow the stereo image for a textural pad tailor-fitted to your mix. Have some other ideas you want to try? No problem. Visual Mixer lets you save up to three mix screenshots, so you can set up three different mix options—all in the same plug-in!

Visual Mixer is available for free with any demo of Neutron 3 Advanced. Whether or not Neutron 3 is right for you, Visual Mixer is yours to keep. Click here to demo Neutron 3 Advanced and experience a mixing workflow unlike any other.

Learn more about Neutron 3 and Visual Mixer


NIMBUS and R4 by Exponential Audio: Natural or character-filled reverb

Music Production Suite 3 now offers two stereo reverb plug-ins powerful and versatile enough to handle any music project, no matter the genre. NIMBUS and R4 each feature a unique reverb engine—developed by legendary reverb expert and Exponential Audio founder Michael Carnes—hundreds of presets, and surgical parameter controls to help you craft the perfect spatial effects for your music.

NIMBUS is equipped with Exponential Audio’s natural reverb engine, designed to create clean, realistic reflections. Turn to NIMBUS to place your vocalist in a cavernous echo chamber, create crisp room tones for your drum kit, or add live stadium ambience to your entire mix. 

Alternatively, use the lush reverb engine of R4 to produce colorful, modulating reverb effects for added warmth and character. With a chorus module to add shimmer and depth to your reverb signal and a gate to help you maintain control and articulation over your reflections, R4 is the ideal stereo reverb for creative, experimental music projects.

Learn more about NIMBUS and R4

Relay user interface
Relay user interface

Relay: A mix tool to unify your session

Music Production Suite 3 includes Relay: a mix utility plug-in that allows you to control the level, pan, width, phase polarity, and other parameters on any track in your session. Not only that, but Relay serves as an Inter-plugin Communication beacon for your tracks. This means that any track containing an instance of Relay will be detected by other Music Production Suite plug-ins such as Visual Mixer and Tonal Balance Control, enabling them to perform their assistive mixing processes.

Learn more about Relay.

1-Year Groove3 Subscription: Inspiration meets education

Music Production Suite 3 provides the most intelligent audio production software on the market, but now what? Where do you start? How does it all work? Luckily, we’ve partnered with Groove3 to offer a complete series of in-depth tutorial videos for every product included in the Suite, plus countless courses on audio production. 

Every Music Production Suite 3 license includes a one-year subscription to every tutorial video Groove3 has to offer—a retail value of $150! Take a guided tour through your new iZotope products with seasoned audio experts who understand the challenges faced by the modern music producer. 

You’ve got the inspiration, and with Music Production Suite 3 and Groove3, we’re excited to bring you the educational resources you need to get the most out of your new audio production arsenal.

Learn more about Groove3

What’s new since Music Production Suite?

If you’re coming from the first version of Music Production Suite, version 3 brings you new tools and features that will give your production workflow a serious power boost. Aside from Ozone 9 Advanced, Neutron 3 Advanced, Visual Mixer, Tonal Balance Control, NIMBUS, and R4 (see “What’s New Since Music Production Suite 2?” above for more detail on these), Music Production Suite 3 comes loaded with intelligent audio repair, vocal processing, and level metering tools for the most efficient and comprehensive production workflow you’ve ever experienced.

Repair Assistant in RX 7

RX 7: The industry standard for audio repair

RX has been regarded as the best in the business for audio repair in post production for years, but that doesn’t mean it’s only meant for post production. RX 7, included in Music Production Suite 3, provides a wealth of processing modules to help you sweeten and polish your audio, pre- or post-mixing. 

Intelligent machine learning tool: Music Rebalance

Brand new to RX 7, Music Rebalance uses machine learning-powered source separation to identify Vocal, Bass, Percussion, and Other musical content for individual boost or attenuation. This means that you can now make alterations to a finished mix, even after it’s been committed to a single audio file. 

Intelligent machine learning tool: Repair Assistant

Or, let’s say you notice some clicks, pops, or hum in your mix. Simply drop the file into RX Audio Editor and let Repair Assistant analyze, diagnose, and correct common audio ailments in seconds. With intelligent new features combined with the abundance of indispensable processing modules, it’s no wonder that RX 7 has become indispensable to producers and engineers all over the world.

Learn more about RX 7

Nectar 3 Vocal Assistant

Nectar 3: Vocals, in the mix

If you own a previous version of Music Production Suite, you’re no stranger to the vocal processing power of Nectar 2. In version 3, we’ve given Nectar a top-to-bottom overhaul, resulting in the most intuitive and inspiring iteration yet.

Intelligent machine learning tool: Vocal Assistant

Carrying on our vision of an interconnected audio workflow, Nectar 3 brings you Vocal Assistant, equipped with two processing modes. Use Assist Mode to have Nectar 3 listen to your vocal track and create a customized, performance-specific effect chain to optimize your singer’s voice, and Unmask Mode to identify and mitigate frequency clashes between your vocal track and any other track in your session containing a Nectar, Neutron, or Relay plug-in. Make your singer shine with tailor-made preset, or make some space in your guitar or piano tracks so your vocal sits just right in the mix.

Melodyne 4 essential and more

Nectar 3 also introduces a pitch correction plug-in that’s brand-new to Music Production Suite owners: Celemony’s Melodyne 4 essential. Regarded as one of the most powerful and transparent pitch editing tools on the market, Melodyne 4 essential allows you to correct or alter the notes performed by your vocalist (or monophonic instrumentalist) while preserving the original timbre and minimizing sonic artifacts. This enables you to correct minor performance issues, craft lush harmonies, or even create a completely new melodic line for your production with ease.

With powerful assistive processing, the most adaptable vocal EQ we’ve ever produced, pristine breath and sibilance repair tools, and creative pitch and harmony effects (including Melodyne 4 essential), Nectar 3 is sure to become your new go-to vocal plug-in.

Learn more about Nectar 3 and Melodyne 4 essential

VocalSynth 2 Biovox Module

VocalSynth 2: Vocals, evolved

While Nectar 3 aims to clean up and sweeten your singer’s performance, VocalSynth 2 is your ticket to the most dramatic, transformative vocal effects you can dream of. We’ve added individual synth controls for each vocal module—including the all-new Biovox, which emulates vowel sounds created by the human vocal tract—for unprecedented control over your vocal tone. Held in high regard by EDM and hip-hop producers for its robotic and distorting vocal effects, VocalSynth 2 will instantly transform your singer into an otherworldly being of your own creation. 

Three distinct processing modes augment your creative control: use Auto Mode to apply VocalSynth 2’s effect in the manner of any other audio plug-in, MIDI Mode to control the pitch of your vocal with your favorite MIDI controller for a classic vocoder effect, or Sidechain Mode to use your own audio as a vocoder carrier signal, essentially allowing any instrument in your session to “talk” through VocalSynth 2. And with an impressive collection of distortion, modulation, and time-based effect modules, the only limits to your vocal processing are those on your own creativity.

Learn more about VocalSynth 2

Insight 2

The takeaways

No matter which version of Music Production Suite you’re used to, Music Production Suite 3 adds significant technical and creative power to any music project. Ozone 9 Advanced gives you unrivaled control over your mastering with unparalleled sound quality, while Neutron 3 Advanced allows you to interact with your project and make intuitive mix decisions like never before. NIMBUS and R4 open up a world of realistic and creative reverb possibilities, and Nectar 3 and VocalSynth 2 offer inspiring and detailed effects for any vocal. RX 7 has you covered when it comes to repairing pesky audio problems, and Insight 2 lets you keep a close eye on your levels every step of the way. 

When you consider this arsenal of processing power, the Inter-plugin Communication capabilities of Relay and Tonal Balance Control, plus free access to comprehensive Groove3 tutorials to help you hone your craft, Music Production Suite 3 is the ultimate software bundle designed to cultivate inspiration, enhance your technical knowledge, and empower your own unique creativity. Be sure to log in to your iZotope account for your upgrade pricing, and enjoy the optimal production workflow with Music Production Suite 3!

Learn more about Music Production

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