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What's New in Pro Plug-Ins

by iZotope Education Team October 8, 2019
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Pro plug-ins are now available for iZotope Producers Club members. They include immediate access to new product updates—as well as member-exclusive product features. 

What's New

iZotope Producers Club members get access to Neutron Pro, Nectar Pro, and VocalSynth Pro. Along with immediate access to updates, Neutron Pro and VocalSynth Pro also include new features for members:

  • Mix Assistant in Neutron: Using iZotope’s assistive audio technology, Mix Assistant listens to your track, analyzes your music, and suggests levels to fit the sound you’re going for. Cut your mixing time in half and spend more time making the creative choices that only you can bring to your music.
  • All of the features in Neutron 3 Advanced, including surround support up to 7.1.
  • Key Detection in VocalSynth: This new Producers Club-exclusive feature only exists in VocalSynth Pro. Find the key of your vocal faster and get the exact pitch correction you're going for with Key Detection.
  • Register Detection in VocalSynth: Another new Producers Club-exclusive feature that only comes with VocalSynth Pro! Let VocalSynth save you time by learning the register of your vocal and get the most out of its powerful pitch correction effects with Register Detection.How to Access Your Pro Plug-ins 

How to access your Pro plug-ins

Download the latest version of Product Portal and Navigate to the My Products tab and choose the "Install/Authorize" subtab.

Click Install All and choose your installation method. Then launch your new plug-ins in your next session and enjoy everything Pro has to offer!

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