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Using Nectar Elements in Your Vocal Mixing Workflow

by Geoff Manchester, iZotope Product Specialist July 10, 2018

Let your vocals cut through the mix:

Nectar 3 Plus

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Nectar Elements gives you everything you need in seconds with six under-the-hood processors and intuitive controls. It can also act as a secret sauce in a complex vocal chain already loaded with some of your favorite plug-ins. 

My example track has Ozone 8’s Vintage Tape plug-in, the compressor from Neutron 2, two sends—one to overdrive, another adding stereo delay, all of which when combined give a pretty good rock vocal sound.

Here we’ll add Nectar Elements to the end of this long chain to help get the vocal to the finish line. I’ll go with a Modern vibe and a Moderate intensity. When I press go, Vocal Assistant uses the latest advances in machine learning to listen to this track and create a custom preset unique to this vocal, which I can further tweak to fit the song.

There are still a few things I want to change using the six macro sliders. This vocal is sounding good without Pitch Correction, and I like where the Clarity macro slider is, so I’ll leave it as is. Clarity helps to suppress any resonance that Vocal Assistant heard. This track isn’t very sibilant, so I’m going to turn the De-esser down to zero. I’m also going to back off Dynamics, as we already have a compressor from Neutron 2 in the chain. I’m liking the Tone which is the Character EQ so I’m going to bring it up even more.

Finally I’m going to bring up Space, the reverb macro, to give it a little shape and shimmer. It gives it just enough reverb without interfering with the intelligibility of the singer.

As you can see, Nectar Elements can be the secret sauce in your complex signal chain to bring your vocal to the next level.

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