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Top Reasons to Upgrade from Ozone Elements to Ozone 8

April 11, 2018

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This article references previous versions of Ozone. Learn about the latest Ozone and its powerful new features like Master RebalanceLow End Focus, and improved Tonal Balance Control by clicking here.

Are you looking to give your finished mixes that extra bit of professional polish? Or maybe you’re in need of additional creative power beyond the presets in Ozone Elements? Each version of Ozone 8 comes packed with groundbreaking processing that can bridge the gap between a great mix and something truly special.

If you are an Ozone Elements owner and are considering an upgrade, this blog is designed to help you pick the best version for your needs. Read on for a complete rundown on each upgrade tier.

For even more details, check out the full Ozone 8 features page and pricing guide.

By upgrading to Ozone Elements to Ozone 8 Standard, you get...

Track referencing

A not-so-secret technique of mastering engineers, mastering to a reference track can be essential for benchmarking your work and achieving the sound you’re going for. Ozone 8 makes this easier than ever by allowing you to load a reference audio file directly into the plug-in, and switch freely between your mix and reference audio with the push of a button. You can also load your reference track into Master Assistant as a target for analysis, and apply the learned spectral and loudness characteristics of that audio to yours!

Improved Master Assistant

When you upgrade from Ozone Elements to Ozone Standard or Advanced, you get more functionality out of Master Assistant. Specifically, Master Assistant will now make use of the Dynamics Modules and Dynamic EQ for Crest Factor analysis and correction, as well as correction to frequencies that are causing distortion when the audio is hitting the limiter. This is in addition to being able to load a reference track into Master Assistant in order to match it’s spectral and loudness characteristics!

A full complement of industry standard processors

In addition to the Imager, EQ, and Maximizer modules in Ozone 8 Elements, Ozone 8 Standard bestows upon you an additional four processors to work with.


Ozone 8’s transparent Dynamics module lets you process in mid-side mode, select different detection modes, use multi-band processing, and more. The automatic “Learn” function makes multi-band compression easier than ever by intelligently setting the crossover points for you.


The Exciter module lets you add subtle or extreme distortion to multiple bands and choose from multiple distortion types. As a new improvement in Ozone 8, you can now select different distortion types for each band!

Dynamic EQ

Dynamic EQ is a different kind of equalizer that applies your boosts and cuts based on your audio’s dynamics, useful for removing (or accentuating) momentary frequencies, or when a compressor won’t provide enough precision.

Vintage Limiter

Originally a Maximizer mode in Ozone 6, Vintage Limiter is now it’s own module within Ozone 8. Use the Vintage Limiter when you’re looking to achieve loudness while maintaining a unique analog character to your sound.

Even more Maximizer algorithms

Upgrading to Ozone 8 Standard unlocks the full power of our acclaimed Maximizer module, giving you our two most powerful limiter algorithms: IRC III and IRC IV, each with their own selectable sub-models. IRC IV in particular is a favorite among our users; it limits individual frequency bands that contribute most to signal peaks, allowing for maximum gain while preventing harsh clipping or pumping that can occur at higher settings.  It also has a “classic” mode that users of Ozone 5 will appreciate! For larger sessions, Ozone 8 Standard offers a low-latency version of the IRC algorithm

Stand-alone app with third party plug-in hosting

Ozone 8 Standard also installs a stand-alone application version of the software, giving you the full power of Ozone processing without needing to instantiate it in your session. Load up the stand-alone app and throw an audio file in for a quick master using up to six modules, and save on CPU on larger sessions where adding additional mastering plug-ins isn’t an option. The stand-alone app also hosts 3rd party VST and AU plug-ins, letting you build your own custom processing chains with even more flexibility.

And, you’ll still have Ozone Elements!

Upgrading to Ozone 8 will not replace Ozone Elements on your system. You will still have Ozone Elements available to select in your sessions in case you ever need it, and any sessions already containing Ozone Elements will be unaffected—so you can rest (and master) easy!

By upgrading from Ozone 8 Standard to Ozone 8 Advanced, you get...

Spectral Shaper module

Spectral Shaper is a new type of mastering processor that uses our spectral shaping technology to provide high resolution attenuation of problematic frequencies in your mix. More smooth than a compressor and with more character than a standard de-esser, Spectral Shaper is your new secret weapon for sculpting out the perfect tone.

Choose from subtle or extreme modes, control attack and release, and apply a subtle tilt to the spectrum with the Tone slider. Surgically scrape out harshness from the high end in your mix, or get creative and dive-bomb the mids or lows for some unique effects!  

Even more vintage modules

Ozone 8 Advanced ups the vintage flavor by adding three additional processors modeled on classic analog gear. Vintage Compressor emulates the classic feedback design of legendary outboard models. Vintage EQ lets you sweeten your mix with unique characteristics of Pultec equalizers. And Vintage Tape gives you stellar tape emulation to add some extra texture to your audio.

Additional post EQ

What’s better than an EQ? Two EQs! Ozone 8 Advanced offers an additional EQ known as the “Post EQ.” for when you need more tonal control further down your signal chain. The Post EQ is fully equipped with all the same great features in the original EQ, including Mid-side controls, selectable filter types, and Analog/Digital modes.

Tonal Balance Control plug-in

Ozone 8 Advanced includes the new Tonal Balance Control plug-in, our latest metering tool. You’ll be able to compare the overall balance of your mix against a reference target curve—you can see just how well your mix sits within the paradigm of a modern rock mix, or a bass heavy EDM track. You can even create your own custom reference curves by loading in one of your own audio files. 

Codec Preview

An often overlooked element to modern mastering is optimizing your track to preserve dynamics and frequency response after losing audio information after file conversion. Listeners do not have the benefit of hearing your music in its full, high res glory in a treated space -- Codec Preview bestows valuable insight that lets you tackle potential conversion issues before they occur. Get your audio sounding great on any platform with Ozone 8!

By upgrading from Ozone 8 Advanced to the 08N2 Bundle or Music Production Suite, you get...

A complete mixing and mastering environment

With Neutron 2 Advanced and Ozone 8 Advanced combined, you can transform your DAW into a slick, streamlined mixing and mastering environment. You'll get access to the Visual Mixer and Mix Tap plug-ins, letting you adjust volume, pan, and stereo width of any instance of Neutron, inside a virtual space. When using Visual Mixer’s intuitive controls, combined with the machine learning, mixing, and mastering tech in Ozone 8 and Neutron 2, you’ll be able to get your track up to speed extremely quickly and have more time for the creative, fun decisions in mixing.

More inter plug-in communication potential with Tonal Balance Control

Where before you could open just the Ozone 8 EQ within Tonal Balance Control, now you'll have access to Neutron EQs across multiple tracks in your session, giving you even finer control over your song's overall balance. Without needing to sift through dozens of channels in your mix window, you will be able to instantly identify problem areas in your mix and fix them with accuracy and precision. With the ability to open Ozone 8 and Neutron 2 EQ's across your session without leaving Tonal Balance Control, you'll feel like an omnipotent mixing god.

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