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Nectar 3.1: Improved Performance, Added Communication with Neutron, and More!

by Kim Pfulger, Senior Product Marketing Manager, iZotope August 1, 2019

Let your vocals cut through the mix:

Nectar 3 Plus

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Use Nectar 3.1 with Neutron’s Mix Assistant

With the launch of Mix AssistantNeutron 3 enabled our customers to balance levels in their mix using inter-plugin communication. Mix Assistant is a time-saving feature that talks to any instance of Neutron or Relay to tap into your mix and provide you with a starting point. 

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve now added support for Nectar 3 in Mix Assistant as well.   

Psst! Did you know you can also use the included Visual Mixer (available also as a free download) plug-in to initiate Mix Assistant or manually adjust the gain, pan, and width of any Neutron or Relay in your session? Get it free.

Faster performance

Performance enhancements in Neutron inspired us to bring some of these enhancements over to Nectar. Although made specifically for vocals, users who use Nectar in multiple instances, or who have multiple vocal tracks in their session, will see up to 30% improvement in processing power and CPU utilization. Load more instances of Nectar without taxing your system—boo yah! 

Bug fixes, including signal chain slider sensitivity

We heard from some customers who were not able to dial in the exact setting they wanted on our signal chain sliders. We’ve adjusted sensitivity to help those looking for more specific settings, and you should see a much better result now.

In addition, we’ve done some general bug fixing and cleanup of UI issues some users were experiencing. For full release notes, head over to our support page

How to get your update

If you’re already a Nectar owner, you can download the latest free update by launching Product Portal from your desktop, or clicking “Check for updates” from within Nectar’s Settings Menu. You can also log in to your iZotope account and download the update from your account. 

If you’re a Splice customer, open your Splice app and follow the update prompts. 

If you’re not a Nectar owner yet, download a free 10-day trial to check it out, or check out our Deals page for this month’s specials on music production favorites and Music Production Suite 4!

Want more vocal production tools?

Learn more about the plug-ins included in Music Production Suite 4! Get access to over thirty industry-standard plug-ins that interact across your session and provide time-saving assistive features, innovative new workflows, and cutting-edge visual analysis tools.

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