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Mixing Vocals with Nectar 2

June 4, 2015

Let your vocals cut through the mix:

Nectar 3 Plus

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Capturing that raw, powerful, and emotive vocal take took countless nights at the studio—but you finally have it! Now you need to make sure the vocals sit prominently in the mix and make a statement.

With the tools in Nectar 2, shaping and defining a signature vocal sound is faster and easier than ever. Here’s how to get acquainted with the most powerful tools in our vocal mixing toolkit.

(Experience what Nectar 2 can do for your vocals by downloading a free trial and following along!)

Reverb Module

What kind of atmosphere are you looking to create with your vocal mix? Reverb helps create rich, harmonic space that suits your vocal style and genre. The Reverb Module in Nectar 2 models the legendary EMT 140 stereo plate reverb and gives your vocals presence and dimension. Add just a touch of reverb for vocals with more airiness and fluidity, or saturate the vocals for massive, spacious vocal sounds.

Harmony Module

Adding harmony to vocals creates a sense a grandeur and complexity that can stand out in the mix, as well as add to the impact of the music. The Nectar 2 Harmony Module generates and layers lush vocal harmonies instantly—no need to painstakingly record individual harmony tracks to support the lead vocal. Or, you can use your favorite MIDI controller to create custom backing harmonies.

De-Esser Module

When someone is listening to your music, the last thing you want them to experience is the shrill hissing sensation better known as sibilance. To achieve vocals that shine without the distracting ‘ess’ sounds, try using a De-Esser. Nectar 2’s De-Esser is inspired by the famous DBX 902 analog de-esser, and tames heavy sibilance without affecting other high-end frequencies.

Pitch Editor Module

To give a vocal performance the perfect amount of subtle lift and fine tuning—without harming the natural vibrato and vocal inflections that are unique to the singer—try adjusting the pitch. Making small corrections using the Pitch Editor can perfect an already great performance. Overcorrecting, on the other hand, can make the vocal performance seem overly processed and robotic.

Breath Control Module

You can smoothly edit a vocalist’s breaths and make them all uniform just by using the Breath Control plug-in. It automatically identifies and isolates breaths between phrases and corrects them so only the best parts of the vocals are audible.

Special FX Module

Mixing vocals can go beyond just polishing a vocal track—sometimes you may want to create otherworldly effects to help define the aesthetic of a song or emphasize a specific lyric. Nectar 2 offers seven creative effects to spark creativity and take your vocal track to places you never thought possible.

Every voice is different, which means every vocal performance is going to need its own amount of mixing. But whether you’re making quick corrections or exploring the bounds of creativity with a track, flawless vocal production is just a click away with Nectar 2.

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