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Harmonizing Vocals With Nectar 2

June 17, 2015

Let your vocals cut through the mix:

Nectar 3 Plus

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Developing a signature vocal sound is a process of discovery between an artist and producer. It begins in the studio and ends with a perfectly mixed, stunning vocal.

But how can mixing turn a solid vocal track into a polished and powerful performance? One industry-proven method is wrapping the vocals in rich backing harmonies to help contour and support the lead vocalist.

Nectar 2 lets you create, layer, and mix unique backing harmonies in three quick and easy ways with the Harmony Module.

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Generate harmony tracks automatically

Nectar 2 can automatically generate a nearly infinite number of backing vocals and harmonies, in seconds. It even detects which key the vocals are in and suggests backing vocals that will compliment the lead track. Simply choose from the list of suggested keys, or choose a key manually and add up to 12 harmonized voices for accompaniment. This is a great way to spark creativity and hear how different harmonies affect your music.

Explore the MIDI ways of creating harmony

For taking even more detailed control of the harmonies, Nectar 2 lets you plug in a MIDI controller and play your own harmonies in real time. This feature can be used to create more movement in the music, add distinctive vocal runs, or even include extra color with atonal harmonies. Try interfacing different MIDI devices for new and interesting ways of controlling the music.

Customize your harmony tracks

Adding harmony to a vocal mix is all about creating a fuller sound. You can maximize the fullness of your mix by spreading the width and panning the vocal, adding some delay for increased depth and space, or even simply adjusting the volume of the backing vocals. And to enhance an organic, human element in your sound, try adjusting the pitch and time variation controls.

After perfecting the tone of the voices, play around with how each voice sits in the mix. Reduce the high end in the backing vocals to let the lead vocal shine through, or boost all the voices to create an encompassing choral feel.

Want to see how to mix a vocal track from beginning to end? How about an entire song? Watch our other videos here for more tips and techniques.


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