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Creating rhythmic guitar delays with DDLY

February 9, 2016

Get more creative with your delays:

DDLY Dynamic Delay

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DDLY Dynamic Delay excels at adding rhythmic complexity to guitar tracks through the use of two different timed delays. When looking to add rhythmic motion to a piece, or to simply add a stronger groove to an otherwise more minimal guitar part, multiple delays synced to tempo are a great asset!

Here, the top delay is adding dotted eighth note delays to the more transient parts of the guitar, while the bottom delay is adding a straight quarter note delay to the more sustained part of the signal. Then you can easily morph between the two groove feels by adjusting the Threshold slider.

Listen to DDLY Dynamic Delay in action on guitar:


Try these settings with DDLY Dynamic Delay on your guitar track


Algorithm: Analog Delay

Algorithm: Analog Delay

Delay Sync: On

Delay Sync: On

Time: 1/8

Time: 1/4

Feed: 25%

Feed: 20%

Trash: 14%

Trash: 2%

Dry: 100%

Dry: 100%

Wet: 50%

Wet: 50%

Filter: HP filter 500 Hz, LP filter 3 kHzFilter: HP filter 600 Hz, LP filter 10 kHz

⤑ Download DDLY to try this delay effects on your guitar tracks.

⤑ Download the DDLY Recall Sheet to keep track of your other best settings.

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