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iZotope recruits audio professionals, music producers, and songwriters to share industry insider perspectives, to simplify and teach technical concepts, and to inspire hobbyists and seasoned professionals alike. Our contributors are passionate about music and audio production and write to educate, encourage, and excite.

Daniel Dixon
iZotope Contributor

Daniel Dixon is a Canadian content creator, music producer, and freelance blog contributor for iZotope. He enjoys warm weather, playing ping-pong, and a good sample flip. In 2014, he completed a BA in Communications and Electroacoustics from Concordia University, where he also took part in improvisational laptop performances with CLOrk. His music has been used in commercials, short films, and sample packs spanning hip-hop, pop, and electronic styles. 

Nick Messitte
iZotope Contributor

Nick Messitte is a writer, composer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Brooklyn, New York. His engineering experience ranges from musical theater (Get Got, Voiceless, Repunzarella White), to indie rock (Bulletproof Stockings, Empire State Express) to alt country (Leland Sundries, Pete Mancini), to post production (Startalk Live, I Hate Myself :), BKPI, Ryker, Future Genesis). Since 2013, Nick has contributed regularly to Currently he’s the creator, instrumentalist, performer, and engineer behind Salmon’s Run.

Erin Barra
iZotope Contributor

Erin is a writer, producer, instrumentalist, educator, music tech consultant, and currently an associate professor in the songwriting department at Berklee College of Music. She loves nerding out about hardware and software, works hard to promote more women working in her field, and is also a mom.

David Bawiec
iZotope Contributor

David is an award-winning composer and music producer who has worked in almost every genre and project type, from TV and Hollywood feature films to live theater, musicals, theme parks, parades, commercials, games, iPhone apps, VR experiences, and a vast quantity of pop music. Some of the projects he has worked on include the movie John Wick, NCIS, Arrested Development, National Geographic, the Oscars, and Michael Bublé. He believes in the healing power of cheesecake.

Griffin Brown
iZotope Content Team

Griffin is a writer, music producer, and songwriter, currently working as a copywriter for iZotope. When he’s not writing articles, Griffin is making hip-hop and R&B music with other producers and artists, playing soccer, eating new foods, or getting overly invested in a nature documentary.

Jett Galindo
iZotope Contributor

Los Angeles-based mastering engineer and vinyl cutter, Jett Galindo of The Bakery, has worked on albums spanning a wide array of genres and artists (Haley Reinhart, Weezer, the La La Land OST, Colbie Caillat, to name a few). Outside of mastering, Jett is also an accomplished choral soprano and a sweet-toothed foodie, not necessarily at the same time.

Charley Ruddell
iZotope Contributor

Charley is a freelance writer, composer, and touring musician roaming the world. An alumnus of Berklee College of Music, Charley has worked with many highly-decorated musicians including Roy Hendrickson (engineer; Miles Davis, Pat Metheny) and Brad Dollar (engineer; Bob Weir, Slightly Stoopid). He is also the writing partner and bass player for two-time Boston Music Award winning singer/songwriter, Aubrey Haddard. As a freelance writer and music journalist, Charley has contributed album reviews, artist features, and intimate interviews to Boston’s NPR stations and has previously contributed to Sound of Boston, Rocket Radio Music Network, Collective Arts Brewing, and Deli Magazine.

Glenn Lorbecki
iZotope Contributor

Numbered among the top 50 influential forces in Seattle music by Seattle Sound Magazine, producer, engineer, composer, and business owner Glenn Lorbecki established his career with such diverse artists as the Violent Femmes, Dizzy Gillespie, Dr. John, the White Stripes, Dave Matthews, Regina Spektor, Green Day, Weezer, and Coldplay. As a studio and production company owner (Glenn Sound, Inc.), he has engineered multi-Platinum and GRAMMY®-nominated albums, and TV, film, and game soundtracks, recently including Destiny 2 and Witcher 3. He is part of the Emmy® and TEC award-winning CBS GRAMMY telecast audio team, and his immersive audio and video work is on exhibit at the GRAMMY Museum in Los Angeles.

Oscar Zambrano
iZotope Contributor

Oscar Zambrano is the chief engineer at Zampol Productions in New York City. His worked has earned multiple GRAMMY nominations as well as two GRAMMY Awards. Oscar has had the pleasure of working on numerous broadway cast albums as well as Esperazna Spalding, Harry Styles, Sting, Kelly Clarkson, Zoe, Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, Max Richter, Winton Marsalis, DJ Khaled, I’m With Her, La Santa Cecilia, Blake Shelton, Rascal Flatts, War on Drugs, Wyclef Jean, Arcade Fire, and Jack Johnson. He is committed to inspiring new generations and is currently teaching at Berklee College of Music.

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