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11 Best Gifts for Music Producers 2018

by iZotope Education Team November 14, 2018
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Some of us live for the holiday season and love getting gifts for all of our closest friends and family, putting care and attention into each present. For others, it's a total headache. Although you may have figured out what you want to get most people, odds are that you're still pondering gifts for music producers, beat makers, or audiophiles in your life.

Worry not! We've put together a list of the best gift ideas for music producers in 2018.

1. External hard drives | G-DRIVE USB

Your music producer has to save all their excellent music somewhere. Nothing shows that you love them like the gift of a hard drive with extra storage to encourage them to make more music!

Thankfully, high capacity drives are easy to come by nowadays, and reasonably priced. The only thing you'll need to find out is what kind of connector their computer supports (USB 3.0, Thunderbolt 2, USB-C...).

To make music, they will need a fast hard drive. The G-DRIVE ($140 and up) is an awesome workhorse that will let them record, edit and mix the best projects yet!

Bonus ideas: For a great all-around backup drive, take a look at the Seagate Backup Plus Hub for Mac (they also make a PC version). It'll keep all of their projects safely stored. For the traveler, get them a Lacie Rugged series drive, which will serve them well whether they're making music on the plane, while camping or on the beach.

G-DRIVE USB External Hard Drive Review

2. Portable Audio Recorder | Spire Studio

For the traveling producer (and anyone who wants an easy way to record pro-quality music quickly), Spire Studio is one of the best gifts for music producers that you can get. This compact, portable recording studio has a built-in microphone and all the connectivity to allow them to record any instrument they would ever need to. Plus, its built-in battery will allow them to make recordings anytime, anywhere, without the necessity to bring a laptop.

3. Loops and sounds | Splice

Get your music producer a membership to! Hands down the best resource to find amazingly fresh new loops, the hottest grooves, and the sweetest new sounds for their new songs! With over 2 million sounds to choose from, at $7.99/mo it's a dream world filled with creative possibilities.

Bonus ideas: For synth lovers, and those who love to dive deep into custom sound creation, they'll love Omnisphere 2 ($499). With over 14,000 categorized sounds of the best of the past and present, your music producer will be thrilled to find inspiration for any music genre.

4. Audio plug-ins | iZotope

At iZotope, we know every music producer needs the best plug-ins to help their music shine. This holiday season get them the best audio plug-in bundle to up their music production game.

The Creative Suite ($499) features seven of iZotope’s award-winning instruments and effects plug-ins, offering a powerful music creation package for discovering new directions in music and sound design. This unique collection of creative products will allow them to make unique beats, design synths, add textures, and find their sound.

For the music producer who wants to improve their vocal production and mixing techniques, surprise them with Music Production Suite 2, which gives producers and music makers everything they need to produce, correct, mix, and master their audio.

5. MIDI Controller Keyboard | Komplete Kontrol

It's hard to program music without a musical keyboard. The Komplete Kontrol A series keyboards come packed with awesome features and half a dozen free sampled instruments that will make music making fun. They come in three different sizes (25, 49, and 61 keys) so you'll be able to find the perfect one that they can fit into their home studio ($160–$260).

For the pro-level music producer, take a look at the Komplete Kontrol S series keyboards. These pack even more tech punch to make music production a breeze and come with a dozen incredible free sampled instruments ($630–$1040). With three available sizes (49, 61, and the full 88 keys that feels like a real piano), you're bound to be their favorite gift giver!

Komplete Kontrol A series keyboards

6. Microphone Isolation | sE Reflexion Filter

The sE RF-X Reflection Filter Kaotica ($99) serves as a portable microphone isolation system ideal for music producers who record singers (or themselves) in less-than-ideal rooms. It will improve the quality of their recordings by reducing the level of ambient noise and room reflections picked up by their mic.

Bonus idea: The Eyeball ($200) is another great choice that will help them capture great performances at a slightly higher budget.

7. Headphones | ATH-M30x

Headphones are the perfect gift for any music lover, but also an essential one for the music producer in your life. Whether used during recording, or late night mixing (as not to wake up the neighbors), headphones are a must-have, and a perfect gift. Check out the AKG K240 Studio ($69), Sennheiser HD 280 Pro ($99.95), and the Audio Technica ATH-M30x ($69) to make your music producer grin.

8. Studio Monitors | PreSonus Sceptre-S8s

One of the most important tools for any music producer are amazing speakers. Unlike regular speakers, studio monitors are specially calibrated speakers that are essential in any music producer's studio setup. Better studio monitors will help them create better-sounding mixes and thus make their music sound better. If your music producer currently is only working on headphones, this will be a total game changer that they will love you for!

If you're looking for a great entry-level pair of studio monitors, check out the JBL 305P MkII. At $149 per speaker, they'll give your music producer something to smile about.

Has your music producer been extra nice this year and you want to spoil them? Get them a pair of PreSonus Sceptre S8s ($599 each). These are great mid-level studio monitors that will be an awesome upgrade from whatever they're using now.

Bonus ideas: If multiple people will be pitching in on the gift and you want to go more luxurious, check out the Focal Twin 6 Bes and the Dynaudio LYD 48s.

9. Monitor Stands | On-Stage Stands

If your music producer currently has a pair of speakers that they like, but has them placed directly on the desk, help them free up space by getting them studio monitor stands. At $73 a pair, these are a great way to help his or her existing speakers sound better by lifting them off of the desk and placing them directly at ear level.

10. Healthy studio upgrades | Embody Chair

When you're spending hours without end working on a song in a room, you want to be comfortable. Needless to say, sitting isn't the best for anyone's back. Music producers are known for spending exorbitant amounts of time sitting in one position. The Embody chair by Herman Miller is probably one of my favorite purchases that I made for my studio. Comfortable to sit in, it actually encourages healthy posture and makes working for long hours a pleasant experience.

Bonus idea: Another thing that will help keep your music producer healthy is an ultrasonic humidifier. Aside from a bunch of wellness benefits, this $30 gift will also keep the studio gear from drying and cracking (particularly important for guitars during winter months). Not to mention that singers will love them for it.

Embody chair

11. Lights, Color, Ambience | Philips Hue Smart Lights

You'll be blown away by how much colors can affect the way you feel. Adding a pop of color to their home studio will instantly make their studio feel special and fill the room with ambiance. With millions of color possibilities, they are bound to find the perfect color combo to set the right mood with a Philips Hue smart lights set. Get them the basic white and color starter kit, which includes 4 bulbs and the hub ($199). If they love it (and I promise, they will) they'll be able to add extra bulbs as they please (or you get them more for their birthday, and then again for the holidays next year...).

Wrapping up

Hopefully, this guide gave you a couple of ideas for that perfect gift to get the music producer in your life. Bookmark this page, as it may help you again when their birthday and other holidays come around!

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