Spire Studio

All-in-one wireless multitrack recording

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Quickly capture amazing audio anywhere

A liberating recording solution combining powerful hardware with an innovative mobile app. Never lose another song idea again.

Spire Studio makes it easy to record and share music

Soundcheck in Spire Studio intelligently detects the instrument you’re playing to set input levels and sculpt your tone. Easily share your song to co-writers, bandmates, and friends via a cloud link to preview the song, open the Spire project, and even download the stems.

Free to be creative, whenever inspiration strikes

Spire Studio is wireless, rechargeable, and easy-to-use making it every songwriter’s ultimate recording companion. Take it to the living room, band practice, a songwriting session, or on the road so you never miss the chance to capture ideas. Leave the hassle of cables and computers behind so you can focus on your craft.

Dialogue Match EQ

Soundcheck – your personal recording engineer

Say goodbye to distorted, quiet, and muddy-sounding recordings. When a song idea strikes, there’s no need to waste time manually setting your recording levels and EQ. In seconds, Spire Studio’s Soundcheck intelligently detects your instrument, automatically sets input levels, and sculpts your tone to sound great in the mix based on the instrument.

Edit on the fly. Visualize your mix.

Quickly trim tracks to tighten up your project before you start mixing. Just highlight the parts you want to delete and remove the unwanted audio with the tap of a button. Mixing on the Spire app is easy and intuitive. Drag track icons up and down for volume, and left and right to pan. The visual mixer makes building you soundscape effortless. The stereo feature puts iZotope's award-winning Ozone Imager signal processing to work. Want big, lush guitars? Keep your track on “Stereo”. Want intimate vocals? Turn “Stereo” off.

Dialogue Match Ambience

Streamline your collaboration with cloud sharing

Collaborating on a song with co-writers, bandmates, or producers has never been this easy. Whenever you’re ready, you can instantly create and send a project link, allowing anyone you want to preview the song, open the project in Spire, download an .MP3 or .WAV mixdown, or even download high-quality stems to work within a DAW.

iZotope’s award-winning processing meets wireless recording

When you finish your song, add the final touch with Enhance; a mastering feature born from iZotope’s award-winning Ozone technology. With the touch of a button, Enhance increases clarity and boosts loudness to get the most out of your song before you share it out to the world.

Dialogue Match Ambience

Publish to the world

Once you’ve finished your song and you’re ready to share it with your fans, you can publish it directly to SoundCloud or social media from the Spire app. With the power of Spire Studio and iZotope’s audio processing along your songwriting journey, you can create a song ready for world faster than ever.

Aubrey & Charley Write a Song

Watch singer-songwriter Aubrey Haddard perform her single “Swim” with Spire Studio. 

Spire Studio Hardware Features

Spire Studio’s hardware is engineered to bring your song from an idea to a complete track.

Why Spire Studio?


Quickly capture amazing audio

Record anywhere with a built-in studio mic, 2 inputs, automatic Soundcheck, and 4+ hours of battery life.

Expand ideas with layers

Layer up to 8 tracks and use the Spire app to add effects, clarity, and fullness to your sound.

Mix & share anywhere

Visually mix your tracks, export to your desktop, send to friends, and publish from within the app.

What people are saying

“...the most convenient little multi-tracker I've found (and sounds great too!)”

John Paul White

“So quick and easy to use...I am in love with this thing.”

Pete Townshend
The Who

“Studio quality, but with the ease of using your of all worlds!”

Michael Calabrese
Lake Street Dive

Watch Spire Studio videos

Aubrey Haddard Performs "Swim" with Spire Studio

3m 28s

Writing a Foster the People Song ft. Spire Studio

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Make Recording Easy with Spire Studio | Latrell James

1m 15s

Free shipping

Free shipping

45-day money back guarantee

45-day money back guarantee

Free tech support

Free tech support

Device Requirements

The Spire app for iOS and Spire Studio are compatible with 64-bit iOS devices running iOS 13 or higher, including those listed below and any newer iPad/iPhone models.

  • iPhone 6S and newer
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad 5th generation and newer
  • iPad mini 4 and newer
  • iPad Air 2 and newer

The Spire Studio Controller app for Android and Spire Studio are officially tested and supported on Samsung Galaxy S series phones from the S7 and above. At this time we are unaware of issues on any devices running Android 8.0 or higher.

Spire Studio Specs

Connection Type: Built-in Wi-Fi network

Power Supply: Universal power adapter

Battery: Internal rechargeable lithium-ion

Battery Life: 4+ hours

Supported Operating System: Android, iOS

Weight: 1.6 lbs.

Dimensions: 4.8 x 4.4 x 3.4 inches

Inputs: 2 XLR/TS combo jacks, 48v Phantom Power

Outputs: Two headphone 1/8" outputs

Sample Rate/Bit Depth: 48 kHz/24-bit

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