DDLY Features

Responsive, dynamic delay effects

A delay plug-in that responds to incoming audio

The same amount or type of delay doesn't work with every sound. That’s why we created DDLY, a delay plug-in that affects audio differently depending on the characteristics of the input signal. And with two independent—but linkable—delay engines, you can tweak your effect settings to get the perfect sound for any situation.


Dual delay engines

DDLY analyzes your audio based on an adjustable threshold to determine what audio to send to the top delay module and what to send to the bottom, giving you greater creative control.


Simple yet sophisticated controls

Manipulate the settings in each delay module independently or in sync with the other. Choose from Analog mode for a warm, lo-fi tone, or Grain for melodic, symphonic, and futuristic sounds.


Intuitive UI design

The goal of DDLY is to deliver comprehensive controls without a complicated UI. Each parameter is displayed clearly with its corresponding delay so you can hit the ground running.

Meet the DDLY controls


Tempo-syncable delay duration

Time determines the amount of time that will pass before each delay. Includes Tempo and Milliseconds modes.


Control your delay tail

Feed adjusts the gain of the delay feedback, controlling how much the signal is repeated before fading out.


Analog bite and grit

Trash sets the amount of degradation for the delay signal, allowing you to achieve an aged, textured tone.


Control your delay tail

Independent Dry / Wet controls for each engine help you surgically adjust the levels of the original signal and delay signal in the final output.


Razor-sharp shaping and imaging

The Filter control opens an intuitive low- and high-pass EQ filter, and Wide produces a delay signal with greater stereo breadth.


Guide audio to the desired delay

Threshold analyzes the dynamics of incoming audio to determine which content is sent to the top delay versus the bottom delay.


DDLY is available for individual purchase, and is also included with iZotope's Creative Suite.

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