Stutter Edit Features

Unprecedented rhythmic slicing control

Immediate and total transformation of your music

Achieving musicality with manual sample editing can be meticulous, time-consuming work. Stutter Edit changes all that. By using a single key to trigger hundreds of combinations of rhythmic slicing effects, hours of work are reduced to an instant. With Stutter Edit, you can shift your focus from search-and-destroy cutting and pasting to what really matters—making original music that inspires you.

Meet the Stutter Edit effects


The heart and soul of Stutter Edit

Control the length, quantization, width, and panning of your Stutter Edit gesture.

Stereo Delay

Even more rhythmic fun

Affect left and right channels independently to sweep between ranges of delay times.

Delay Band-Pass

Dynamic echo frequency coloring

Shape your delay signal by removing frequencies or adding resonances.

Buffer Position

Set healthy boundaries

Dictate what part of the sampled audio will be repeated by the Stutter effect.

Low-/High-Pass Filters

Sonic peaks and valleys

Control the high and low frequency content of your affected audio.

Distortion Effects

One-of-a-kind audio character

Four types of gain manipulation offer even more sonic possibilities for your music.

Sound generator interface


An instant injection of musical dynamics

Perfect for crafting crescendos and dramatic hits, Generator is a great way to control the dynamic journey of your tracks.

Two free preset expansion packs

Stutter Edit’s formidable preset bank comes with reinforcements

Expansion 1: Expansion 1 includes 11 new preset banks containing over 250 new gestures. Introducing new preset bank categories like Glitch and Instruments, Expansion 1 comes fully loaded with gestures that can cut up your glitch tracks or re-invent your guitars, vocals, and synths.

Expansion 2: Add even more fuel to your creative fire with Stutter Edit Expansion 2. Introducing 6 all-new bank categories: Breakbeatz, Funky Breaks, Switch-ups, Movements, Voice, and Dronefest. Expansion 2 takes you from the 70s through the 90s and up to the present day.

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