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Never Stop Learning

Every RX Post Production Suite 4 license includes a 1-year subscription to Groove3: a service that offers tutorial videos and online courses on the industry’s most trusted technology and techniques. Dive even deeper into your iZotope tools, explore audio concepts and practices with true authorities on audio tech, and never stop perfecting your post production game.

Groove 3

Groove3’s helpful tutorials offer complete coverage on all iZotope plug-ins, with explanations, tips, and tricks that will help you master your tools.

Your Groove 3 membership is included with RX Post Production Suite 4

RX Post Production Suite 4 offers the most powerful post production software on the market with RX 7 Advanced, the revolutionary Dialogue Match, and more.

Groove 3 with Post Product Suite 4

$150 value, no hidden fees

Instant access to every tutorial available at Groove 3

1900+ hours of video & digital print

Watch FREE Groove3 videos

Standard (iZotope RX7 New Features Explained®)

Advanced (iZotope RX7 New Features Explained®)

Welcome to Dialogue Match

To access your Groove3 subscription:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Visit and enter the Groove3 subscription code included in your Post Production Suite 4 purchase confirmation email.
  3. Enjoy your one-year subscription to Groove3!
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