The sounds of Mobius Filter

Mobius Filter creates the sensation of constant movement in your audio by applying the concept of the Shepard Tone to filters instead of pitches. Depending on your preferences, your audio can rise or fall at varying speeds for complex—but easy to achieve—spatial movement. Combined with automation in your audio editing software, the possibilities with Mobius Filter are endless.

Mobius Filter on a mix

Filters are often used to build, build, build and then release energy in a mix. In this example, the resonance in Mobius Filter is used as a “riser,” with a perceived ever-increasing pitch as the track builds to the drop. Automation within the audio editing software is being used to control Mobius Filter’s Center Frequency, Resonance, and Speed and provide the rhythmic filter dives and climbs at the drop.


Mobius Filter on vocals

When looking for phasing or flanging effects on vocals, Mobius Filter gives you a fresh new sound by running seemingly infinite filters in the same direction. This lets you choose between all upward movement to build tension and excitement, or all downward movement to release tension. Processing the entire vocal bus has the effect of gluing the lead vocal and backing harmonies together.

VOCALS Example

Mobius Filter on guitar

Mobius Filter goes beyond standard phasing and flanging by running seemingly infinite filters in the same direction, giving your guitar track a unique rising or falling effect. This example applies Mobius Filter to a guitar bus with two rhythm guitars panned left and right and a single arpeggiated lead. This technique unifies the guitar tracks so that they work together more cohesively, affected by the same modulation.


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