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Creating synth delays with DDLY Dynamic Delay

February 9, 2016

Get more creative with your delays:

DDLY Dynamic Delay

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The Grain Delay mode of DDLY Dynamic Delay can be used to provide subtle, rhythmic delays, chorusing, or all out granular chaos. DDLY’s ability to sync grain playback time to the tempo gives it the unique ability to generate wild textures while still keeping things locked down to the rhythm. Here, DDLY is being used as a sound design tool to “shower” a rhythmic synth part with bright, electrifying harmonics, all synced to the tempo.

While the top delay is solidifying the rhythm of the song with a straight quarter note delay, the Time, Feed, Pitch, and Size parameters of the bottom delay can all be automated for evolving granular chaos!

Listen to DDLY Dynamic Delay in action on synth:


Try these settings with DDLY Dynamic Delay on your synth track


Algorithm: Analog Delay

Algorithm: Grain

Delay Sync: On

Delay Sync: On

Time: 1/4

Time: 1/64T

Feed: 20%

Feed: 54%

Trash: 0%

Pitch: +12 st.

Dry: 100%

Size: 238 ms

Wet: 50%

Mix: 50%

Filter: HP filter 400 Hz, LP filter 7 kHz

Filter: HP filter 200 Hz, LP filter 10 kHz

 Wide: On

Download DDLY to try these delay effects on your synths.

Download the DDLY Recall Sheet to keep track of your other best settings.

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